Akbor was the stoic to balance out Scalene and Shuach (but especially Scalene). 


Akbor was originally a parasite-type demon, but after some 50 000 years he and Scalene were able to form physical bodies of their own.

The first thing Scalene and Akbor did as their corporeal selves was to attempt slaughter on each other. After temporarily satisfying their sadomasochistic natures they located a demon clan. When they (or rather, Scalene) got bored they slaughtered everyone in the area and moved on.

Some time later they ended up some kind of middle-eastern town in world 44, a millennia or so before the days of Christ, where they proceeded in angering a mighty god by stealing/saving the prophet Shuach.  After acquiring Shuach, it seems like less of the groups encounters end in slaughter, at least counted in percent.

Eventually they joined the Traitor Enrolment Program, mostly because Scalene was getting bored.

Physical appearanceEdit


Let us be frank. The man is skinny, and his long bishounen/Sadako hair is not helping.

Personality and traitsEdit

As Scalene and Akbor very often shares the same mental space it is possible that Akbor is so calm and stoic simply because all the emotion is chanelled through Scalene. This makes it somewhat difficult for the author to pinpoint his alignment (unlike Scalene, who is very loud about his alignment and waves it around like a prize).

The closest so far would be "evil neutral" which is not the same as "neutral evil". He naturally slots himself somewhere between the chaotic evil Scalene and the lawful good Shuach, but just by being a parasite demon and silently approving of Scalene does tip him closer to evil.

Abilities and skillsEdit

As a former parasite demon, Akbor (as well as Scalene) can flicker between different stages of physical solidity.


The name Achbor comes from the common Hebrew noun (akbar), meaning mouse.

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