Alden, born October 19, 1975, accidentally managed to temporarily kill certain Caitlyn O'Neal. A few years later he managed to get together with Martin Madden. In world 38 his name is Saif. Cat repeatedly calls him the "good guy", like she would with Saif. Considering that he did kill her, he finds this a bit odd. However, she insists that accidents doesn't make evil and he did stay put at the scene and call an ambulance - and even came to visit her and apologise for the event. As such, he's probably more morally correct than her at any rate (her words, not necessary true)

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His name means "old friend", it seemed fitting for the "good guy" and reincarnated arch nemesis of the main character.


  • Being born October 19, Alden's zodiacal sign is libra.

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