Alexander "Alex" Tash was Caitlyn O'Neal's half-cousin, as Caitlyn's mother married Alex's uncle after Caitlyn's father had died.

Physical appearanceEdit

Blonde hair and a perpetual look of disinterest.

Personality and traitsEdit

Alex was very organized and liked to be on top of things.

He wakes up at exactly 6 am, like clockwork.

After a few rounds of cross-dressing for fun he became rather protective over the local gay scene.

Abilities and skillsEdit


Alex often sketched in his youth, and as he grew up he cultivated that skill and became a professional artist.


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  • Commitment Issues
  • Cool Uncle To Caitlyn's children, even though he technically isn't their uncle. 
  • Minor Flaw, Major Breakup Occasionally borders on No Flaw, Major Breakup or For The Lulz. He never quite apreciates other people quite as much as himself so while he may both flirt and date he tand to get bored soon enough. This doesn't mean that he doesn't like people. He do generally care for a lot of people, but those are typically just friends.
  • Narcissist It's horrible for his relationships...
  • The Tease He usully just flirt with people to mess with them, especially during his crossdressing period.