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Altha was a maid in the temple of Malith, and worked together with Leja and Cleia under the supervision of old Ina. She was the youngest of the previously mentioned women, and she had grown up a lot more sheltered. 

Altha was sold to the temple of Malith to pay for her father's debts. She was brought to the temple at roughly the same time as Cleia and the two soon became friends. When they were still newcomers to the temple they were allotted to clean the inner temple altar hall after a sacrifice, though Altha threw up over the bloody altar and was moved to another duty. 

Altha and Cleia were the ones to bring Leja what should have been her last meal.

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Altha was a very emotional girl, possibly out of stress after being sold to the temple by her family. She got sick at the sight of the bloody sacrifical altar and when they heard that Leja would be sacrificed she became very upset, more than any of the other girls, and had to be comforted by Leja. She also got upset at the sight of Leja and Cleia verbally sparring.

Leja describes her as young and naïve.


ALTA: Possibly from Latin altus or Italian/Spanish alto meaning "high".

Altha comes from the upper layer of society, but I poked in a soft sound in her name to reflect on her soft nature.

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  • Abusive Parents debateable - she was never beaten but she was sold to pay for her father's debts.