was the maternal half sister of Saif. She was Jadon's girlfriend until Cinder got tired of that and killed her. Alya later returned as a vengeful spirit and forcefully removed Cinder from Jadon and hid Jadon away under water, thinking that they would be safe from Cinder there. However, Cinder latched on to Ecaterine Kemp and they objected, violently, to the brainwashed state the undead Alya keept Jadon in.

In world 46 she reincarnated as Skye Campbell.

Physical appearanceEdit


Alya was, by conventional standard, extremely good looking. She was the kind of person whom people insisted on describing as "beautiful" or "pretty" rather than actually remarking on a trait. Cat realized that girly-girl Alya was the complete opposite of her own tomboy-self and while she felt a sting of jelousy, this was where she started to give up on Jadon.


ALYA: Means "sky, heaven, loftiness" in Arabic.

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  • Clingy Jealous Girl
  • Declaration Of Protection Towards Jadon. That didn't end well for her.
  • Driven By Envy After her death.
  • Never Found The Body
  • Obliviously Evil After her death. It never occurred to her to leave Jadon's free will intact, but she genuinely thought she was doing what was best for him.
  • Relationship Sue Cinder thought she was this, and it disturbed him enough that he went and killed her. At least, that's his version of the story. People who knew Alya insists that she she morally supported Jadon and encouraged him to fight against Cin and eventually got a little too close to winning.

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