A list of assorted plot bunny things that aren't concrete enough to warrant a page of their own. Yet.

Spirit ideaEdit

A spirit inspired by "Beyond the Veil" by Lindsey Stirling

A drowning victim who was so determinated to reach something that when her air ran out she breathed water and kept swimming, forever reaching for the thing she was chasing even at the cost of her own life. She symbolizes tunnel-vision, recklessness, but also ambition and determination, prepared to go to great lengths tin order to achieve something.

Deleted charactersEdit

  • Yurian and Saehan Ryu were originally meant to be a pair of lively twins that were friends with Caitlyn and that gang. They were born August 15, 1983.
  • Sulis (from "sulislaw" ) was a shapeshifter who favoured a cat appearance.


Many people have a couch designated to occasionally be used as a bed. _____ instead had a bed more frequently used as a couch.

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