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Avimael "Aviel" was an old friend of Ath'ne. He helped take care of Mikoro as acting brother and died to help him escape the clan with baby Lemek.

Technically demon spawn were supposed to be raised by adoptive siblings instead of biological parents, but Ath'ne and Metushelach circumvented that rule by having Avimael as Mikoro's brother and then having both Avimael and Mikoro live together with Ath'ne and Misrajim (though technically Avimael already did, more or less) to ensure that they had full control over Mikoro's upbringing. Absolutely nobody was fooled by the stunt.

Though while Ath'ne and Misrajim were cold and/or calculating in their handling of Mikoro and Metushelach was mostly absent, Avimael supported with care and brotherly consideration even if he never attempted to stand up to the rest of the family.

When Mikoro attended Reuel College of Survival Avimael would visit roughly once every year just to check on Mikoro. No training or anything like that, just getting some comments from the teachers to have something to report back to Ath'ne.

Avimael died to ensure that Mikoro could escape the clan with baby Lemek.

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Avimael came across as a rather weak demon for most of his life. Truth was that Ath'ne talked him into holding back and take the back seat as much as possible, keeping his true talent mostly hidden. He constantly downplayed his abilities, so when he nearly wiped out the entire clan to allow Mikoro's escape it was guaranteed to take a lot of people by surprise.



When Avimael was barely a century old, his sister died in politics. Ath'ne was an old friend and lover of aforementioned sister and took him in even if he didn't strictly needed a sibling any more. They were, however, very close and acted as a mix between platonic lovers and siblings. Avimael agreed to hold back his abilities and skills on Ath'ne's.


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