Cináed "Cin" Riley was the reincarnation of Cinder, whom abandoned his demon life to be reincarnated with Cat. Together they had two daughters, Nora and Kaley.

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Cin loved to interact with people, for better or worse. He could't stay in the background to save his life. During the height of his days as parasite he held idealistic visions of himself as the centre of a "small to middle-sized nation, with bearable taxes and not awfully many executions". Note that idealistic in this case means that it's ideal for him and perhaps incidentally for someone else as well.

When he was younger, and still acted as a deity, he was better at harmonising with his hosts, making the relationship far more effective. Since then he has lost his inclination towards finding middle grounds.

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While he never regained the fire power he had as Cinder, Eileen helped him get a bit of his flame back by giving him an amulet with Nina Cheld's insignia.


So he was not benevolent leader, didn't make him less of one. He was independent (at least until Cat came around), innovative and creative. He was goal oriented (once he knew his goal) and had the drive of a hell hound with a bone. However, he got bored and distracted once things got too routine.


Granted, it was in a completely different life in a different world he tried to conquer Europe, but on the whole he's pretty well-versed with historic details such as life styles and cultures.


CINÁED: Means "born of fire" in Gaelic.

RILEY: Originally derived from a place name meaning "rye clearing" in Old English.

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