A dark magician was pretty much like a normal magician but dark magicians tended to prefer demons over humans, generally surrounded themselves with demons if they were able to and secluded themselves from human society. If anything they function in practise as demonologists. One of the memory keepersLainey is a dark magician and it's generally believed that Eileen took advantage of these ready resources to prepare for the Traitor Enrolment Program.

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  • Black Magic AVERTED, and heavily at that. Wizards sometimes veer into this area when experimenting, as does occasionally witches that become meddling. Sorcerers can cause ridiculous amount of damage to body, mind and property. However, Dark magicians - like all magicians - are mainly theoretically inclined magic users, which makes them relatively weak in practical use. The name merely implies that they hold bad company and may or may not be evil people.