Demon hunters are people (usually human) who hunt demons to protect weaker species. When organized demon hunting comes up in conversation it is usually troops from world 20 who are discussed. Normally, 99% of the demon hunters give human safety first priority and there are plenty of specie-directed racism going around the ranks.


  • Killing off as many demons as ever possible.
    • After the initiation of the Traitor Enrolment Program this duty has been slightly reformed. Demons willing to fight for humanity are enlisted, everyone else is to be killed.
  • Joining armed conflicts when it's perceived as if one side are posing a threat to human kind.
  • Building and later protecting Traitor City.


All demon hunters that are originating from World 20 have their home world as their first and foremost loyalty. Usually, this loyalty is tied to the current Shield or Sword - typically the elder of the two - as those are the only titles that are passed down strictly within their respective families. They also have a debt or gratitude kind of loyalty to their resident semi-deity Mumbler, but it's unclear how far this loyalty would truly stretch as Mumbler rarely if ever calls on it.

The Interworldly Society of Magicians (ISM) has some kind of co-operational work with the demon hunters, though it's unclear who holds authority over who and on what basis.


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  • The Angel War
  • The building of Traitor City

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  • Fantasy Gun Control You can try to shoot a demon. Go on, see if it works. You have to use something along the range of a nuke in order to explosively break down a demon faster than it can heal itself (depending on how old the demon is), so professional demon hunters typically relies on getting up and close, dodge whatever melee attack the demon has (demons always have a melee attack and typically sticks to it exclusively), and then chop if the head. That, and removing the heart are the only guaranteed ways to kill a demon. A headshot might work if you can make the cranium explode.
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