Demon traitors are demons who has betrayed their clans in one way or another (nowadays usually by favouring humans). Killing a traitor is not only allowed, it's encouraged and to partake in official traitor hunts can be considered a merit in many clans. Supporting a traitor is equalled to being a traitor.

Some demons have made themselves quite a business by guiding, hiding and in some instances also blackmailing traitors, the most well-known probably being Amrafel who can count over a hundred demons to his clientèle.

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  • Undead Tax Exemption Paperwork can be something of an issue if you aren't human but want to pose like one in a modern society. Worse yet, not aging means the process has to be repeated. Popular immigration sites have dense networks of people easing the new arrivals into their faux humanity. Hats f to people like Khepri who not only managed to get his identities all on his own, he also manages to cover his trails after he got internationally famous in one identity.

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