Eileen was a memory keeper who officially assists the demon hunters by acting as an oracle of sorts. However, she was notorious for having the strangest sympathies and was more likely to commit sexual harassment than actually disclosing helpful information. Her main goal wasn't as much to protects humans per se but to finish what Metushelach started - whatever that was.


Early lifeEdit

Eileen most likely lived her life like most other standard memory keepers until she was kidnapped by aliens at age 16. After two years away from humanity she realised two things.

  1. Isolation from humanity gave her the opportunity to discover and test her inner magic.
  2. Humanity is crap compared to the alien lifestyle, even if they are vegetarians.

As such, she made a brief interlude on earth where she said goodbye, had her new family kidnapped and went apeshit. She didn't actually kill the scientists but it was very, very close for a while.

Working for the demonhunters and ISM.Edit

Aside from managing to snag a bit of land for her people, Eileen also gained other provisions from working with ISM. One of those things was a custom made device that could record and store memories together with other useful notes. The device was a modification of the communication technology bought in large scale by ISM and could be connected to the network. This devise, soon duplicated and spread to other memory keepers, made it quicker and easier to work with the memory fragments.

Physical descriptionEdit

Avatar (incomplete)

Personality and traitsEdit

Magical abilities and skillsEdit


Biological familyEdit


After Eileen had officially screamed and cursed her way out of human society she joined the Kindu aliens for life.

Karen CheldEdit


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External linksEdit

  • Alien Abduction Possibly the best thing that ever happened to her.
  • Going Native
  • Guile Hero dubious. She claims to be insane and "most likely a bit evil". She does have a good goal however.
  • Manipulative Bastard
  • Roaring Rampage Of Rescue Heaven help you if you kidnap her surrogate family.
  • Stockholm Syndrome Made easier from the fact that the Kindu really aren't threatening and her stay is quite pleasant. Not to mention that she spends two years together with her abducters in a surrogate family.
  • The Xenophile Sometimes one can get the distinct impression that she'd place just about any sentinent specie before humanity. The fact that she "quit" her own humanity to join the Kindu society for life... despite her intentions she is definitely more human than anything else herself, so the quitting part would be entirely symbolical, if not outright delusional.

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