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Sergeant Elasolia "Scars" Erin was a demon hunter from Domdal. She led the troop that captured Lamashtu and kept in contact with the demon ever since, even developing a deep friendship over time.

Physical appearanceEdit


Dark skin and black cornrows , the later usually caked with mud and grime during missions.


Special mention goes to "Elasolia" which is taken straight from the Law Of Alien Names page on TvTropes. She is very ashamed of it as it doesn't quite give off the harschness of "Scars" or even just "Erin".


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  • Knight In Shining Armor Not actually a knight, and slightly averted in that she is a mother. She is, however, dressed in armour and has a knack for wooing both ladies, lads and eventually Lasu (though she isn't quite as impressed by the knight-ness as my the motherly-ness). Rather than dreaming of a fair lady she dreamt of a fair man, who she later married. She still keeps him in memory after his death.
  • Lawful Good
  • Sir Swears-A-Lot An integral part of being a sergeant. She has a personal enemy, who swears more and has more severe scarring but leads her tropes from the backs of feral dragons.

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