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Esbjörn Gunnarsson was a soldier in Gothia. He was taller than Tryggvi Ketillsson and appeared to be in his forties. He tended to go berserk in battle, which wasn't really apreciated by his superiors, or himself for that matter. He occasionally comforted himself by drinking more than moderately, to the distress of his comrades and his increasingly despairing wife.

Esbjörn had both wife and children. He was the team dad and the one charged with keeping a leash on Tryggvi. This gives it more impact when he turns to the bottle.

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  • The Berserker
  • Eye Scream Happens during the story, as a nod to the god of berserks - Odin.
  • Leeroy Jenkins Esbjörn has something of an issue with orders and tactics during battles, as he is prone to go berserk during certain circumstances. His superiors have expressed dislike at this though as he becomes just as dangerous to friends while in berserk.