Evelyn gobb
is a Slytherin student sorted in 2017. Prior to the sorting of their year, Michel Bellamy said that muggleborns couldn't end up in slytherin. When she put on the hat and it declared Slytherin she sat frozen at the stool and staring at the hat until prof. Sinistra shooed her to the table. She later proclaimed that Bellamy had been wrong, because she didn't have a drop of wizarding blood.

Lynn spends most of her time with Millie, and initially tried to make friends with Prudence Derrick. However, she soon realised that while Millie was friends wit them both, Prudence and Lynn simply didn't seem to mesh and they were better off ignoring each other.

Physical appearanceEdit

Brown hair, light brown eyes and athletic body. She can be told apart from Millie on her stance, as she doesn't have Millie's graceful posture.

Personality and traitsEdit

Lynn is a coward, but she is also articulate and intelligent enugh to talk herself out of danger. She occasionally annoy her dorm mates by listening to rock music on a wizarding wireless she obtaines as a replacement for the stereo that won't work on Hogwarts.


Hazel: A sensitive wand, hazel often reflects its owner’s emotional state, and works best for a master who understands and can manage their own feelings. Others should be very careful handling a hazel wand if its owner has recently lost their temper, or suffered a serious disappointment, because the wand will absorb such energy and discharge it unpredictably. The positive aspect of a hazel wand more than makes up for such minor discomforts, however, for it is capable of outstanding magic in the hands of the skillful. Hazel wands also have the unique ability to detect water underground, and will emit silvery, tear-shaped puffs of smoke if passing over concealed springs and wells.


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  • Dirty Coward Downplayed. She avoids danger to the best of her ability, encourages others to do the same and holds the opinion that anyone who won't run after that can suit themselves. It's one of her winning Slytherin traits.

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