A guardian demon is something of a pun on guardian angels. Basically, you write a contract with a demon that the demon has to follow to the letter. You get an excellent guard for a set period of time (x amount of years, "rest of my life" or "until the family line dies out" are the more common deals) and the demon gets a challenge as they try to sneak out of the contract using loopholes.

Since it's popular practice to write the contract in the demon's skin, guardian demons tend to look like an unfunny combination of Things To Run Away From Really Fast and Walking Notepads. The contract is kept un-healed by some special-effect magic or by rubbing sand in the writing so that it won't close up. In either case it's removed once the contract is over. Surprisingly enough to many humans, most demons actually preferrs to have at least part of th contract written on their skin. This is at last in part because most clans make a difference between being a traitor and merely working for them to kill time.

Obedience and loyaltyEdit

The contracted demon has to follow his or her contract to the letter, no matter what it says. However, many demons who feel less and amicable towards their employers will use whatever means necessary to find loopholes and get out of the contract.

Known guardiansEdit

Note that this list does not include all demons that are enlisted by the Traitor Enrolment Program (TEP) even though all of them are contracted.

  • Enkereur was one of the many demons contracted to serve in a huge army in world 38. More specifically he was hired asa personal servant to their leader, Reuel.
  • Hasarmavet had a loose contract with Andrea Hall, a vampire, where Andrea got blood and Hasarmavet got sexual favours.
  • Henok currently works for Karine but is contracted as a family heirloom and will be passed on through generations until the family line die out or they release him. His duties today are mostly consisting of minor assistance and company.
  • Khufu worked as Malenas guardian demon during the full of her adult life, until her death. His duties would mostly consist of minor assistance and (non-sexual) company.
  • Metushael was hired as the guardian of a family, but the last in the line died in childbirth after only 50 years.
  • Mikoro was hired at young age to escort Naomi during smuggle journeys to different worlds.
  • Sashanderonos employment is more of a ploy. Though he is officially hired and has been passed down for generations, his employers know nothing about magic and they don't really have anything for him to do. Mostly it's just an excuse for him to live among humans.
  • Senka most likely had a simmilar contract as Enkereur