Hasarmavet (mavie)

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Just say Mavie if that is easier.

–Mavie introducing herself to Andrea Hall, Newcomer Comes Close (story)

Hasarmavet was a dark skinned demon (succubus actually) who origined from a foreign city (or some kind of settlement at least). She tried, in her own way, to get help from the vampire Andrea. They ended up drafting an agreement that technically rendered Mavie a Guardian demon, though in practice it was more like a symbiosis (or marriage).

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Mavies tattoos are, surprisingly enough, not a contract, as she isn't really that kind of demon. Succubi are instead closer related to nymphs and her tattoos identify her as a specific member of a specific family among other demons, something particularly useful for succubi and incubi as they switch gender depending on their sexual relationships


Hazarmaveth means death village.

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  • Laborious Laziness A defining trait. The first thing she does is to hunt Andrea all over the city, scaring her half out of her mind - just to ask for somewhere to sleep. If she had gone looking for a place on her own it probably wouldn't have taken nearly as long as hunting down a vampire.
  • Lust Well, she is a succubus. She would die without it.