Idesta is a small town in Sweden, world 12.


  • Judit and Anders used to babysit Emma
  • Fredrik Hellqvist is the member of a school-yard gang
  • Judit is together with Jonas for a while, but they soon break up.
  • An odd friendship of sorts between Fredrik and Anders.
  • A witch from ISM reportedly get stranded in the area.
  • Emma Larsson is murdered and Anders gets involved.
  • Fredrik starts dating Isabella.
  • Twelve year old Nathalie disappears without a trace.
  • Nathalie returns a year later. (?)

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Known locationsEdit

  • The graveyard from Watch Your Step.
  • The home of the Larsson family (Klas, Ulrika and Emma), located on the same street as the Martinsson home (Anders and Judit's childhood home).
  • Ander's home
  • Judit's home
  • Idesta is too small for it's own police station, so Judit works in a neighbouring city

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