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Jessika Kinougi grew up in Postremo Domus as the (secretly) adopted daughter of Simon and Alita. Her biological parents are Yonah Navrát and Rebecka.


After a nasty run-in with Yonah she accidentally awakens latent magical abilities, and subconsciously acts as a torch that attracts other magicians to investigate what the ruccus is about.

As one of the few magicians who knows squat about technology, she is asked to keep an eye on an ongoing war between two technological lifeforms of sort. During the war she noted how the robots were oddly human in their programming, and did some expiriments to find out if she could (ab)use her magic on the like she could on a human mind (i.e. take control over their "mind" and/or "soul").

When one robot deserts to the other side Jessika befriends him and she seemed to consider him some kind of sibling substitute. When the robot returned to his previous alignment Jessika took it very hard and developed a severe obsession. Surprisingly, it turned out she still had a very deep faith in him. To the surprise of everyone else, she did so rightly as the robot essentially gave his life to end the war. After that, Jessika finished any lingering squabling with power demonstration that by any logic should have killed her.

However, against all logic she showed up unharmed, in company with a boy whom she referred to as her younger brother "Mikael". They later revealed that she technically had died, at least briefly, and that Mikael was a human reincarnation of the robot Jessika had befriended.

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Brown hair and eyes. She has a small necklace with a small blue stone held in a "cage" of silver threads shaped like a heart.


Jessika is very prone to not only display telepathy but also a level of "openmindedness" that could rival Shuach.

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