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Kalchas was pretty much a happy-go-lucky kind of person, and wasn't very interested in politics. He liked travelling, so after Bilhan died he started to move around more.

Unfortunately he was a little too careless and got caught by priests who wanted to lock him into a cellar and call him God. Fortunately, that meant that he met Leja and they ran off.

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In my current demon canon, demons can't, at all, use magic fire. Kalchas is the only one and I don't think I can write that out of his character. Let us instead say that there's a family of wizards with great aptitude for fire magic. Say that they need to hire a demon for some kind of prolonged and cruel experiment. Say that they hire Kalchas and as a thank you for putting up with traumatising fire-related horrors they enable him to use magic fire. Fire magic is kind of useless to a demon as most of their kind are rather flame retardant and they don't eat cooked food. owever, Kalchas was rather worn out and just said "whatever".

Lampshade that the mark on Kalchas forehead is meant to symbolize fire but it darn well looks like a harp without strings. It is possible that the demon who inspired the religion had been gifted by the same wizard family. The world with the wizard family has a portal to Leja's world.

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  • I'm A Man, I Can't Help It - more like "I'm a demon, and I though monogamy was when you fold a sheet of paper into a bird". To be fair, he was unfaithful with a man, which according to his upbringing is an entirely different thing than cheating.