Kedar was the younger brother of Mikoro, Lemek and Sachi. Born roughly 90 bTC.


Kedar was an unclaimed child in a clan that Mikoro and Lemek was passing through with little Sachi, so Kedar decided on his own to tag along.

Kedar and Sachi get separated from Mikoro and Lemek.

Kedar and Sachi meet the Attuli in general and Tuva in particular.

Since they have the maps and paperwork, Kedar and Sachi ends up reaching Traitor City before Mikoro and Lemek, but the older siblings eventually catch up. Until then Kedar and Sachi gets to stay with Amika.

They get a cave outside of Traitor City and decorates it with blankets, makeshift toys and some of Sachi's feathers.

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Most demon children have to eat more regularly than adult demons and around age 90 Kedar is almost constantly hungry as he's subconsciously trying to compensate for all the energy that will be required in order to mature. His family happily (or at least eagerly) feeds him in the hope that he'll be more bearable as an adult, as Kedar is currently very childish. This childishness probably played a role in why Jeanie Underhill thought he wouldn't be able to blend in among humans.


The name Kedar comes from the verb (qadar), be dark, whether of appearance or of mood.

In Arabian, the name Kedar means- strong.



Kedar, like most demon children, is all rough play and mock-fights. Though he often comes across as a bully and frequently parrots Mikoro's offensive sneers Kedar likes his sister and is keen on her well-being. He wont hesitate to greet her with a full-body tackle if given the oppurtunity.




Tuva was a girl that Kedar and Sachi met on their way to Traitor City and somehow he ended up engaged to her.



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