Kedorlaomer, known to family and friends as Kedor, was an early traitor who left his clan already at the beginning of Ashigori’s stronghold on truth. Rather than trying to coax his sister, Reuma, into sharing his views, he decided to leave her behind as she was adult and had good acquaintances who could take care of her.


In the clanEdit

Kedor lived in an unnamed clan with his younger sister until ideas from Ashigori started to spread. Rather than pulling his adult little sister into his treason, he turned tail and left the area.

In hidingEdit

After his (rather uneventful) escape from the clan, he occupied an old castle. After wasting a few decades there (mostly sleeping) he went off on a flight to stretch his wings. Lucky that, because in an alley he found a half dead human woman. Out of pity he took her to the castle where he made one of the bedrooms a bit more inhabitable for her. Kedor made sure she bathed, ate and kept warm during the night (don't let your imagination run wild, they wore clothes and it was 100% platonic). The next day was spent explaining what demons are and what they are not, and how it all sums Kedor down as relatively harmless.

Years went by and the usual story shaped up. Strangers became friends, became lovers, became parents. They named their son Dan.

Lea lived to die from natural cause, all of which can be summed up in “old age”.

Later lifeEdit

Presumably, Kedor and Dan travelled together after Lea’s death, but by the time Dan joined the TEP he was solo.

Pysical appearanceEdit

Avatar (incomplete)


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  • Forgetful Jones - mild and justified case. Kedor is not a young demon and he's been alone for a long time, so a few things tend to slip his mind.

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