Keiko was a young female demon who appears in a mock-fight with Mikoro in Traitor City. She fought with an elaborate hillebard-like weapon. It is double-edged, with one side a smooth blade and the other jagged like a saw. Below the blade large hooks have been fastened (probably with more decór that practicality in mind). The handle is hardened wood.

She had some skill in using parasites and shadows as a substitute for magic in a fight. She could for example enter the shadow realm and exit it with great precision, in effect teleporting herself to a chosen location.

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KEIKO: From Japanese 慶 (kei) "celebrate", 敬 (kei) "respect" or 啓 (kei) "open" combined with 子 (ko) "child".

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  • Paper Tiger Well, everything is relative. She had an impressive weapon and a decent technique, but she wasn't up to using it in a real fight.