Khufu was the younger brother of Zhimala and Pazuzu.



Khufu grew up in Ashigori as one of six youngsters brought up at the time. He and Aecis were the only in the brood who lived to be 300 years old.

At some point he wandered away from the clearing where the collectively cared for young were kept and came upon a bird nest. He climed up, killed the birds when they tried to protect the nest and then ate both birds and the eggs. He claims this early attempts at huting and the early variation in his diet (as well as the all over extra nutricion) made him stronger than the rest of the brood.

During one of these hunts it happened that he fell out of the tree he climbed and though he didn't quite manage to fly his wings were strong enough for giding. After that Khufu trained his wings daily by jumping down from trees, until hefelt ready for the real deal.

Living with MalenaEdit

He was only about 90 years old when he became the guardian demon of the witch Malena. Though he felt strongly for her they lived platonically together. He didn't confess his feelings until she was about to die fro high age, at which she called him silly and informed him that she'd known all along (and returned the feeling). When she died he mourned her deeply (for a demon) and set out on a long journey to learn about humans.


On one of these journeys he met Henok


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"He protects me" [1]

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  • Fantastic Anthropologist A rather serious case.
  • Innocent Bigot He truly liked Malena, but it took him decades to figure that she just might have a soul, and then he spent centuries figuring out if other humans had soul too, before writing a revolutionary text concluding that humans have soul. How many religious leaders (or simply religious people in general) he inadvertly offended during his research may never be known.
  • Intrigued By Humanity
  • Muse Abuse His research on the possibility of humans having souls is based entirely on his own encounters with humans and in the process he gets a long hard look at his own life.
  • Neutral Good
  • Of The People Demons don't traditionally view humans as complete people since they can't persieve a human soul the way they can percieve the soul of more long-lived and static species. Khufu was the one who nailed down in a somewhat official raport/biography that humans do in fact have a soul. This somehow wasn't quite as shocking to the humans as it was to the demons, and if it was shocking to the humans, it was for all the wrong reasons such as "you didn't think I had a soul?".



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