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Kristina Kunia Ground was the daughter of Leja and Kalchas. She grew up as a human without knowing who her father was.


Leja often told Kristina how one day her father would come back to them and what a nice person he was.

Alone and turning demonEdit

Leja died in a traffic accident when Kristina was seven years old, and Kristina was then adopted by their neighbours Mike and Dani. Five years later her demon genes had a bad reaktion with her hormones and she started too shift over to a more demon appearance. After some fuzzing and fighting with governments and crazy people who wanted to make weird tests on her, the Demon hunters got wind of her. By now, Kalchas had started preparations for getting Leja and Kristina into the protection of Traitor City (not knowing that Leja was dead) and through these new contacts he heard about "a half-blood in a world supposedly without demons".

Working for the demonhunters w. KalcasEdit

After some teenage angsting and guilt-tripping, Kristina started to adapt to a demon lifestyle and took to using the name Kunia among demons. Rather than staying put in Traitor City (which technically would be her right as a halfblood who has grown up identifying herself as human) she opted for following Kalchas on most of his missions, rounding up traitors and talking them into joining the TEP.

She actively tries to identify herself as a demon among demons and a human among humans but she is awkwardly aware of how she differs from both groups. Part of why she decided to enter a demon lifestyle was because it would be easier to pass for "normal" among demon contemporaries than human.

Physical appearanceEdit

Human avatar

demon avatar


KRISTINA: Cognate of CHRISTINA, and a Bulgarian variant of HRISTINA; From Christiana, the Latin feminine form of CHRISTIAN; From the Medieval Latin name Christianus meaning "a Christian" (see CHRISTOS); Means "anointed", derived from Greek χριω' (chrio) "to anoint".


Her adoptive parents were named Mike and Dani.


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