Lemek, born 400-500 years bTC, was the second oldest out of four siblings. He was Mikoro's half-brother by blood and was thus the second son of Ath'ne. His father was a human named Shelach. Mikoro and Lemek were very different, and Lemek often tried to inch closer to humanity than Mikoro is comfortable with. The two younger siblings, Sachi and Kedar, have no blood bonds but were picked up along the way. He has plenty of "contacts" among magic users.



Orphaned before he was a year old, Lemek grew up with his older brother. As an infant h was kept alive with blood (nutritious stuff) and raw not-quite-fresh meat. Luckily, Lemek doesn't remember this and Mikoro isn't one to tell baby stories.

Ever so often, Mikoro would let him live among humans.

Finding Sachi and KedarEdit

When Mikoro and Lemek first found Sachi, the former suggested they'd utilise her as breakfast. Lemek refused and took har in as a sister.

Kedar was an unclaimed child in a clan they passed by. He decided to tag along.

Late lifeEdit

Physical appearanceEdit


Lemek got the same red hair in both demon and human form. However, as a demon he got yellow eyes, semi-straight horns and wings. As a human he's got green eyes and lacks demon attributes.

The hair is most likely is most recognisable feature. The ponytail is constantly likened with "the straw-end of a broom"

He's more squarely built than Mikoro, and definitely shorter (he's just slightly taller than the average human).

Personality and traitsEdit

Lemek takes interest in diplomacy, contact and human small-scale politics. He enjoys meeting new people and socialising. He makes a stark contrast to Mikoro in that he tends to be rather soft and lenient towards their younger siblings and people in general.

Abilities and skillsEdit


Much like Ath'ne, Lemek has an ability to get things his way when he really wants to. However, he doesn't seem to notice this as Mikoro keeps bossing him around. Still, Lemek has one several victories that Mikoro simply wouldn't have allowed otherwise. He kept in touch with humans for the sake of "diplomacy", he took in two younger siblings (one of them a light creature) and he insisted that they'd spend some time in a human community on Sachi's request.







  • His preferred human alias is "Luke", a librarian.
  • Lemek was first intended as a very minor character in a story where Sachi was the main. Then he became the Butt Monkey with Mikoro as the main. Then the plot mutates to the point where Ath'ne dictates that his life is more important then Mikoro's, and apparently he is some kind of key in whatever she and Mela had plotted.


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  • The Load Mikoro perceivs him as this, even moreso than Sachi and Kedar who at least have the good sense to run away from danger. Lemek on the other hand tend to get bothersome moments of "maybe we could save-", at which point Mikoro sdministers a tap on the head and hauls him aay by force.
  • Tap On The Head Mikoro administers these every once in a while when he figures an unconcious Lemek is easier to manage.

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