Nagy erifort

Nagy was one of the few characters who didn't have any story whatsoever, her sole purpose is to bug the creator and occasionally make guest appearances. Given her appearance and attitude, she'll most likely only show up in worlds that looks like our own, such as in the short "A helping character" written for English class many years ago, in which Nagy is nagging on the author.

Physical appearanceEdit

Winter avatar

Summer avatar

Caucasian with brown hair in two high ponytails and big blue eyes.

Nagy is by far more fashionable than her creator, which makes for quite a lot of trouble as the creator would rather draw Nagy in her own type of clothes (baggy unfashionable things like worn out jeans and hoodies).

Nagy's closet is coded by colour and season. The predominant outfit during the winter is tight jeans, long coats and blue colours. During the summer she prefers spaghetti tops and short skirts in pink/purple colours.

Personality and traitsEdit

She is, arguably, an attention whore.


It does make you think of "nagging", doesn't it? It now officially does.


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