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Nea was a very skilled healer from world 20 . She shared living with the Rinlóchane sisters when they were home. Persistent rumour has it that there was something between her and Yolanda Rinlóchane .

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Avatar (nurse mode)

Nea had her hair tied up when she worked, but when she let it down it reached really far down. She was noted to be attractive, and her care-taking ways had dubbed her "the ideal husband" by Yolanda.


Whenever Yolanda required medical attention after a misson, their relationship was bound to look antagonistic. Nea insisted on bedrest and proper procedures. Yolanda was of the firm belief that a few bandages and some painkillers would suffice. However, in privet they very much resembled a couple where Nea took the role as the traditional husband (what we would call the effeminate, caring or subdued role).

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  • Badass Pacifist healers can't cause harm, or they lose their healing abilities. Despite this, Nea will verbally chastise Yolanda Rinlóchane into obedience and will not hesitate to go into dangerous places to do her work (though the political leaders generally tries to stop this as these healers are known to compulsory heal everyone - including enemies)
  • Lawful Good