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Nora Donelle Riley (b. 24 April, 2003) was the oldest daughter of Caitlyn and Cináed and older sister of Kaley. She had no magical abilities, but she inherited her father's looks and both her parent's fascination for violence. She liked guns and similar weaponry.

Physical appearanceEdit


Nora favoured the colours red and black. She often wore leather or other rough materials. Her opinion of skirts was nearly the opposite of her mother's, while Cat wouldn't be caught dead in anything resembling a skirt, Noa was seldom seen in anything more modest than a mini.

Personality and traitsEdit

As a child Nora was very sensitive to her younger sister's higher needs despite being a bit rough about the edges herself. While their parents often forgot themselves and unintentionally scared Kay with stories that were too scary for her, Nora would soon pick up the habits of Martin and Alden, correcting the stories and making them more child friendly so that Kay wouldn't get nightmares. When she got older she honed in on this story telling ability to become a writer, as she noticed she "got a rush" from the creative process of making up a story (Cin refers to this as her "inner liar" and Alex refers to it as her "inner megalomania" - a necessary trait for the art according to him).

While she often came off as being just as rough as Cat and Cin, Nora was more of a caretaker and happily doted on people in her surroundings. She was very sociable, but often used her social contacts to sketch up characters for her stories, a trait she shared with Alex. Though, unlike Alex she didn't have to sit with a sketchpad in her lap to catch characteristics. Instead she mentally catalogued quirks, events and habits to use in her works later.

Abilities and skillsEdit

Story tellingEdit

Nora was by far better at telling stories than both her parents, though both of them were eager enough to improvise some jumbled adventure full of whatever they liked. Her godfather, Alex, encouraged her to practice her talent and refine it to a profession.


If you could aim it and it went boom then Nora was likely to like it. She was originally curious at firearms for a story, but Cin soon had her hooked up with a shooting range where they could practice. As an adult she had licence and a multitude of weapons - her personal favourite being a rather decorative shotgun.


NORA: Short form of HONORA or ELEANOR.

DONELLE: Feminine form of DON; Short form of DONALD; From the Gaelic name Domhnall which means "ruler of the world", composed of the old Celtic elements dumno "world" and val "rule".

RILEY: Originally derived from a place name meaning "rye clearing" in Old English.


  • She is a huge fangirl for the fictional character Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy.
  • Alex was announced her godfather and is often seen fulfilling his godfather duties by playing violent video games with her or encouraging her to write stories.

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