Ria, also doubling as the Northern Star, is a rather stubborn girl - but with a certain charm. She sometimes argues with her friend Dairen and doubles as an apprentice demon hunter. Sometimes she gives her pride a little too much leeway, though that could be the influence from Tea kicking in.

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When the story starts, Ria is 13 years old but has not really been hit by pubert yet. She has dark hair and blue eyes. 

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  • Fairy Companion Dairen might not look like your typical fairy (or any kind of fairy), but he is a forest spirit and a side-kick.
  • Magical Girl Warrior Minor in magic but growing in warrior.
  • Masquerade She can't tell anyone about her new magical girl occupation. This makes things complicated for her, but the organisation she works for has their hands full dealing with invading demons - manouvering normal politics is too much hassle (especially since they would probably be judged as criminals for making underage youngsters fight for their lives agianst monsters)
  • Not A Game She soon finds out that this magical girl business isn't all bubble beams and cool outdits. People die.
  • Wake Up, Go To School, SaveThe World of  the double subverted variety. Usually the "saving the world" business gets priority but balancing the two is tricky business and may lead to untimely breakdowns.