Rinlóchane is what the Sword family of world 20 has called itself for several centuries.

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Member's who's held the title of Sword are marked with §

Ljubica the Braggart § The first Sword, daughter of the smith who made it.
Merle Rinlóchane § Miriana's sister
Miriana Rinlóchane Childless. She is Yolanda's and Sonja's grandmother's grandmother's aunt. Died in her twenties.
Serees (Cerise) Rinlóchane § Merle's daughter.
Johanna Rinlóchane § Daughter of Serees. Sister of Kesed.Yolanda and Sonja's maternal grandmother's mother.
Kesed Rinlóchane Son of Serees. Maried to Keyla. Father of Karen. Brother of Johanna.
Dalya Rinlóchane (Dahlia) § Johanna's daughter and Karen Cheld's cousin. Married a kitchen boy.
Sinabar Rinlóchane (Cinnabar) § Dalya's daughter. Yolanda and Sonja's mother. Married one of the first male soldiers.
Yolanda Rinlóchane § Maried to Dandin. Older sister of Sonja. Mother of Selvi and Zhak.
Sonja Rinlóchane Married to Kim. Younger sister of Yolanda. Mother of Aloisia Rinlóchane.
Selvi Rinlóchane Daughter of Yolanda. Older twin sister of Zhak.
Zhak Rinlóchane Son of Yolanda. Younger twin brother of Selvi
Aloisia Rinlóchane Daughter of Sonja.

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  • Ancestral Weapon The sword that was made by Ljubica's father, and which she brought with her to Domdal. It's not technically the same sword by the time Yolanda's era rolls around, as it bit by bit has been replaced over and over again as time and heavy usage takes its toll. It's still treated like the original sword though.
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  • Heroic Lineage
  • Floral Theme Naming comon theme in the family, as is names based on colour.