A shapeshifter is a being/individual who can change their physical shape without the aid of magical artifacts, spells or runes. Some of the most well known and versatile shapeshifters are officially classified as demons, but the ability have been found both in humans and semii-sentinent beings.

The Cheld family lineEdit

The Cheld family from world 20 are the only shapeshifters in their world, but the trait goes as far back as to the first humans who reached the world. Back then, the family were complete shapeshifters who reportedly could shift into a wide range of animals - possibly any animal just through will. There are nothing that indicates that they could shange their features as humans (e.i. s.c. "simple changes" or "cameleont changes"). Gradually, the ability has been "watered out" and in the last few centuries, Cheld heirs has only been able to change into one set animal each.

Unlike demon shapeshifters, the Ness/Cheld family members will retain some trait that makes them identifiable in their animal shape - most prominently hair colour, but missing limbs would count as well. The last generation however, being elementals, instead have an in-between stage where they are still human, but with elemental attributes.

Known Cheld family members and their shiftsEdit

Demon shapeshiftersEdit

Demon shapeshifters occurr due to the properties of demon genetics, which allows demons to outbreed with nearly any specie even remotely similar to them (including all humanoid species). If enough different species are introduced in the family line, a shapeshifter will be born, theoretically due to messed up genetics.

A major event in a shapeshifter's life is when they choose their default shape. This is the shape they will referr to as their person and for most shapeshifters this is the only "real" identity they know.

Known demon shapeshiftersEdit

Semi-sentinent shapeshiftersEdit

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