Shelach was the father of Lemek. He was supposedly a mage, and was quite possibly a nice guy, but we'll never find out since he is one of the most minor of minor characters to ever have been granted a name. Even I think so and I usually obsess over every last granny and uncle. Apparently, his minor-ness was his one great inheritence to Lemek save for the awful hair.

That said, given the nature of Ath'ne it is reasonable to assume that she spent some time stalking Shelach to ensure that he met at least some standards. 

Physical appearanceEdit

Avatar (incomplete)


From the name Shelah () which may mean Sent Out, Branch or Javelin.


  • During various plotting, his name has varied greatly. one suggestion was Lamech, as it sounds rather similar to Lemek. Another was to give him the surname "Lake", wich Ath'ne then would misinterpret when she wanted to name Lemek after his father (and then Mikoro in turn misinterpreted it even further until it was Lemek).
  • The poor guy will only be mentioned ever so briefly, and never get any spotlight... But he did get to bang a hot demoness and that has to count for something.
  • Interesting fact, the only other male Ath'ne has been known to spawn a child with was named Metushelach, and he had recently disappeared from the political map, so maybe she was just a little bit biased.

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