Tirta was a shapeshifter who favoured the shape of a little girl. She acted under the influence of another demon (also a shapeshifter?) and put up an impressive fight when representatives of the Traitor Enrolment Program (TEP) came to came to take them down.Tirta had the remarkable ability to shift into shapes without having intimate knowledge of them. She tried to take on the appearance of the Lady in a fit of hubris, but Khepri was quick to notice that the shift was imperfect and subtly used his own ties to the Lady to take Tirta down and slap a Sigil bracelet around her wrist - locking her in the shape she would have had without her shapeshifting ability.

Tirta was too distressed to do much but attempt to chew her hand off in a desperate attempt to get the bracelet off. Meanwhile the team managed to overpower and behead the other demon. Upon seeing him die Tirta gave up completely and didn't even complain when she was enlisted. 

Later Filomen introduced her to Verr and the two seemed to become good friends.