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Tryggvi Ketillsson was a soldier from Gothia.


Physical appearanceEdit


Tryggvi was roughly the same age as Taisto Takala, but unlike Taiki he looks like a rogue and is far less serious. He's a bit shorter than Esbjörn Gunnarsson.

Personality and traitsEdit

Despite having a bit of a speech impediment, Tryggvi likes to talk. Or maybe he just doesn't like quiet. He talks more than usual around Alvan to counter Alvan's tendency to not talk at all. He's a Christian.

Abilities and skillsEdit



The Takala siblingsEdit

Tryggvi, despite being an otherwise nice and friendly guy, does have a nasty case of racism. Unlike our own world, Gothia doesn't have that many immigrants from the middle east. Instead the largest group of immigrants is from Finland. It gets to the point where Tryggvi can't talk with the Takala siblings without exchanging insults with them.

One of the subplots in the story is about them overcoming their differences and becoming friends.


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  • Stutter StopTryggvi has something of a speech impediment when he's exited, and usually needs one or two false starts before he gets the words out right. You know Serious Business is going on when he makes an effort (through over-pronounciation) to speak flawlessly. Do not ever ask him to tell a story or hold a speech unless you really have plenty of time.