Based on the ConWorth domestic meme .

  • Big spoon/little spoon

They are usually very unromantic, but occasionally Eliot will be the big spoon because Millie is rather soft and cuddle-friendly if you wake up in the night and need a human teddy bear. Other times Millie will act affectionally protective because she knows she outsizes her husband and they are fine with that.

  • Favourite non-sexual activity

Watching/arguing about films. Millie likes violent gore and horror movies. Eliot likes films that either comment on society or at the very least is funny - though his guilty pleasure would be the Addams Family.

  • Who uses all their hot water?

Their daughters, though Eliot certainly use more of it than Millie.

  • Most trivial thing they fight over

Breakfast. Eliot is all for caffein and toast (starting with coffee and then washing out the taste with tea). Millie on the other hand makes her own müsli out of oats, nuts, an assortment of dried fruits and berries and topped off with a swirl of honey.

  • Who does most of the cleaning

Eliot organises most of the big cleaning endeavours and likes to mix his own cleaning solutions (with varying degrees of success), but Millie is the one who cleans up most everyday messes.

  • Who controls the netflix queue

Millie wears the pants when it comes to deciding the flicks. Of course, every now and then she'll choose films she doesn't care for just to give her popcorn-supplying husband a pleasant surprise.

  • Who calls the landlord when the heat's not working

Disregarding that they are both amateur fixers living on a small farm without a landlord, Eliot is more likely to look for a solution from a book while Millie looks for the phone number to an expert.

  • Who steals the blankets

Eliot, especially on cold nights. He blames his frail twiggy-ness.

  • Who leaves their stuff around

Millie. She'll pick it up later, but if she has other things to do at the moment then the stuff can wait wherever until she has time for it.

  • Who remembers to buy the milk

Millie, though though the actual act of buying milk is often delegated to their youngest daughter, Ellie.

  • Who remebers anniversaries

Eliot, though Millie gets special mention for remembering that her husband's birthdate and the date he is used to thinking of as his birthday is roughly a month apart, and she makes sure to be nice to him on both dates even though she rarely mentions it.

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