This is something I came to think about some time last summer and noted in a book before forgetting all about it. Well, guess what I found the other day?

That's right, my lucky pen.


Okay, and the book, of course. Why else would I be writing this?

The thing is that fanfiction is rather like religion; a group of interpreters will indulge in unashamed obsession over a story and then they will wrench it around in their head until it suits them - and both religious fundamentalists and hardcore fanfic writers will despise you if you try to point out that they are being very selective in their interpretations.

However, one major difference between fiction and religion is that as long as the author of the fictional work is still alive, we can ask him or her "how does this or that work? What is cannon here?" and then we can show the respons to other fans. On TVtropes this is called "Word of God".

When it comes to religion on the other hand, we can't really ask the deity in question. OK, we can ask the deity, but he/she/it isn't likely to provide an intervju or even a first-hand written statement. We have to rely on umpteenth-hand sources, often interpretations of interpretations. In the end it all looks like overcooked soup and people get mad at each other when things don't match up.

Does God hate homosexuals? Should it really matter to us, seeing as Jesus said that we should first and foremost love and leave the judging to God? Are you justified to kill a homosexual despite what Jesus said if you can find another part of the bible that says you should kill homosexuals? (no, in most civilized states a definite no - the earthly laws doesn't normally take "my religion asked me to" as an excuse).

The point I'm trying to reach is that we are all batty little fans and sometimes we need to cool down and step back a few paces to sort out what is delusional blindness and what is the bigger picture. As blissful as the blindness is, when everything is made easy, if it the bigger picture that unites us.

Peace, love and ramblings from Yours Truly

aka Aryllia

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