Lately I’ve decided to read again one of – if not the most awesome post-apocalyptic Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name fanfics. It is very very long and very much Worth every single flashback and derailment if you happen to be a ConWorth supporter. Either way, since it’s a plenty-parter I had taken the liberty to gather the multichapters and one-shots (somewhat) chronologically in a document.

It’s over 500 pages long. Gneee

Since I am still inexplicably obsessed with Iasthai I of course imagined what it would be like if he stumbled into the mess. Especially in the multi-chapter part ”The Creeping Messiah Complex” where the gang from HINABN canon (Hanna, Zombie, Conrad and Worth) meet (among many others) John. John is 15, from the south, a member of the Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT – meaningful name) and deeply racist against ”spooks”. Such as Hanna the magician, the nameless zombie and especially Conrad the failpire. This leaves John with trying to convert Worth, the sadomasochist who first shot John. They both stubbornly refuse to understand the other.

Why I keep mentally inserting Iasthai in this scenario is because he is a spook and expert on spooks (and humans), but also old enough to know what he’s talking about and he can make a decent impression of a good Christian priest of the peace and love kind.

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