Two names that have bugged me a lot over the years are the name of world 20 (because really, who refers to their home word by a number?) and to a lesser degree the name of Mumbler, the local demi-godess in world 20.

Naming the world

I'm basing the name of world 20 on the origin of the name of my own country. "Sweden" can be traced back to the Latin word "suus", meaning (refl. poss. adj.) "his/her/its/their own".

In a similaar vein, since Home is important in world 20, I'm basing the name on the Latin word "domus" ("Dem" in PIE).

The possible suggestions were plentifold:

  • Domia/Demia
  • Domdal
  • Domen/Demen
  • Domin/Demon

I also played around with some other ideas that tied in interestngly. Saint Dominic for example, is the patron of falsely accused people. I won't say that all of the first immigrants were falsely accused, but the feeling had soe heavy undertones of it. There's also the title of Domina, which in old English law was the title formerly given to ladies who held a barony in their own right.

In the end, I went with Domdal. It will probably change a bit over the years as I tweak it around, but it feels good to finally have a name for the world that most of my stories spinns around.

Naming the godess

Don't get me wrong, I love Mumbler - a lot - but it sounds like the nickname on a deity, not the official name. However, naming a godess is hard work, much harder than naming normal people, since the name of a deity is in a way the shorthand for their work description and origin. I ended up listing a lot of words that I felt sounded godess-y and relevant to Mumbler.

  • Sanctuary
  • Glow
  • Force/power
  • Protectress
  • Source

And so on, more or less silly. In the process I looked up a lotof godesses on wikipedia (because really, I didn't have time to go to the library), and I came across Ninhursag and the phrase "lady of the mountains".

"Lady of the mountains" is fairly accurate for Mumbler, but "Lady of the valley" maybe even more so since world 20/Domdal is most famous for the valley-area - the area where the humans live. Thus, for the time being, Mumbler is named "Dalfrun"

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