World 20, also known as Domdal, is a small, but famous world. Four sentient species inhabit this world, merpeople, dryads, blue cliff-dragons and humans. This is also the most impenetrable stronghold of magicians and demon hunters. The human population is technically ruled by a council of erils. However, eril Karen Cheld, also known as the current Shield of world 20, is usually introduced as the queen for the sake of simplicity.


Given that the world was created by a newborn semi-deity who herself had never been in a world ruled by physics, perhaps it's understandable that the geography of world 20 comes across as cartoon-ish and unplausible. Compared to our own world the area is extremely limited, more resembling that of a small country. In fact, the whole of it is one huge valley ringed by mountains.

Beyond the mountains is Nothing. Absolutely and 100 % certain Nothing. It resembles fog, though Mumbler has made it tangible and impenetrable after some adventurous souls went over the mountains and disappeared.

In one end of the valley there's a lush forest, in front of which is a great lake, supposedly bottomless or at any rate very deep. The merpeople came through tunnels in the lake connected to seas in other worlds and dryads inhabit the forest. The dragons mostly keep to the cliffs on the mountain side but they will frequently glide down to the lake to eat fish and sunbath. One of the mountains has been nearly completely hollowed out with a cave as a makeshift (and rather subtle) palace, aptly named "The Stronghold".

It is all very lush and decorative, but very impractical. In essence, the only thing that makes the world inhabitable in practice is Mumbler's presence, seeing as it is her creation. Some farming is possible, and there's fish in the lake. However, the inhabitants get most of their goods from other worlds by trading their services as hired swords (after carefully screening their clients as to not sign themselves up with the bad guys).

Palace StrongholdEdit


These halls are above ground, with large (glassless) panels in the mountainside letting in daylight and fresh air. The panels are magically camouflaged as parts of the rock surface on the outside. Some people (Yolanda and her friends) will insist to come in through the panels if they come from the outside, rather than going into the Stronghold through one of the intended entrances and entering the infirmary from the corridor. While taking a short-cut through the panels is more than excusable if there is some kind of emergency, most of the staff agrees that a lot of people are just lazy bums who like to annoy others.

The staff is infamous for only serving beverages such as honey diluted in warm water (for sore throats and to sweeten the after-taste of some medicines) and herbal tea (for everything else). Note that some of these herbal teas are classified as drugs.

ISM main buildingEdit

The Interworldly Society of Magicians theoretically have a main building here, but seeing as world 20 very rarely accept immigration... Well, the magicians usually hole up in the library and there's a few workspaces nearby where they can arrange their papers. They have a spokesperson among the erils.


Located at the top of the mountain. Most books are historical rather than fictional, the rest is historical books with a fictional twist. Eril Lanal can be found here.

Torture chambersEdit

Used mostly for educational purposes by students. Captured enemies are brought here, never to return.

Training areaEdit

Large halls for organized group training.


  • A group of magic users are gathered in the space between worlds to create a being that can be used to cause massive damage.
  • Some of the magic users intentionally mess up and gives the being a consciousness. Rather than becoming their weapon, the being turns against them and wipe them all out. She creates Domdal.
  • The merpeople arrive.
  • The dryads arrive
  • The dragons arrive

The arrival of the humansEdit

Esmeralda Ness and her band of outcasts reach the world and are greeted by Mumbler herself, who uttered the much longed for words "welcome home" - a crowning moment of heart-warming for these people.

The disappearance of KesedEdit

Kesed Rinlóchane, husband of Keyla Cheld and father of Karen Cheld disapeared without a trace, an incident that took a toll on Keyla's sanity and became crucial in the shaping of Karen.

Attacks by MechujaelEdit

A parasite demon in control of the body of Mona Morgonstjärna managed to gather up a few troops and commit a surprise attack on a number of households before contained and executed. Among the causalities were Tidal Cheld, Sinabar Rinlóchane, the respective husbands of Sinabar and Elasolia Erin and Erin's neighbour.

Angel war and demon recruitmentEdit

During the Angel War a woman who introduced herself as "Eileen, memory keeper" showed up and aided world 20 (and thus implicitly the anti-reset group) by rattling off a long list of potential allies. She also mentioned a way to get control over demons so that they could be recruited as well. After the war Eileen stuck around and aided the creation of the Traitor Enrolment Program (TEP) and the building of Traitor City.

Assisting MarshaEdit

Technically only Mumbler and Yolanda were involved but it was a very good reason Yolanda was sent out on this mission - the other erils didn't want her around the demons due to her strong opinions regarding them.


The erils are the leaders of the human population in world 20. All erils except the Sword and the Shield are nominated as representatives of their own social group. The Sword and the Shield are exceptions as they are heraldry and thus contained to the families Rinlóchane and Cheld respectively. The title is ripped from the Swedish "jarl" and is basically the same thing as a minister.

  • The Sword is responsible for the offence and general risk-taking.
  • The Shield are responsible for the defences and safety.
  • Lanal is a former clerk who was appointed eril due to her vast knowledge of Domdal's history, as well as her clerical prowess. She is one of the initiators behind the current bureaucratic system.
  • The ISM spokesperson.

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Known locationsEdit

Sacred springEdit

There's a sacred spring going down one of the mountains towards the lake. "Sacred" in this case means "clean, and very appreciated on a hot day". However, magicians have speculated that it really could have some healing abilities as humans from world 20 are surprisingly healthy for a people devoted to travelling the worlds and killing demons. There is also the matter of the surprisingly large quota of natural healers.


Torture of one-thousand screamsEdit

A compilation of a thousand unique methods of torture, intended for ages eleven and up - in world 20. Everywhere else it's restricted to adult specialists with morbid hobies. The purpose of the compilation was supposedly to support variety and counter the boredom that may take away from the work when you seem to be doing nothing but the same old, same old. Many practitioners use it as the cookbook of torture, testing different styles and combining methods to get the desired effects. The beginners' edition comes with step-by-step pictures.


  • Because of their history, letting someone go homeless is as unthinkable for the inhabitants of this world as it is for other people to suddenly hit a stranger in the face or shout obscenities on a crowded street.

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  • The Alliance Since Domdal is a very small world with limited resources, they tend to enter a lot of these. Generally, Domdal supplies the expertise and experience of practical warfare in any alliance.
  • All Myths Are True In-universe, of course. They have such an interesting history that the writers don't really need to make anything up - or at least that's what is claimed. Some history-savvy researches would imply that a lot of that history is propaganda made up not more than two generations ago.
  • Arcadia You'd think it'd clash with the "child soldiers" and "world of action girls" tropes, but it's really quite pretty and the inhabitants are a lot more peaceful at home than on the battlefield.
  • Child Soldiers
  • Improbably Female Cast (on purpose, compare with older literature where women are invisible)
  • It's Always Spring Justified, as Mumbler doesn't have a very good grasp of seasons or even standard laws of nature. She (unknowingly) works it out like a game with a cheat code.
  • The Kingdom Fulfils all the criteria except... the royals. Karen Cheld is the stand-in queen for diplomatic purposes, but Domdal hasn't had single-person rule for generations.
  • Matriarchy Only one of the Erils is a man, and that is a very recent development. Unlike the other Erils his sole representative is his gender, though technically he is supposed to argue for family matters.
  • Medieval Stasis Technology and magic does not mix well. Actually, it tends to blow up in your face. Science in general tends to destroy magic because being able to levitate requires a certain ignorance of petty things like gravity. As such, they have chosen not to make progress in order to preserve magical ability.
  • Persecution F Lip Women are warriors and men take care of the family. However, like in our world things are starting to balance out.
  • Portal Network The surrounding mountains were riddled with portals t other worlds during the populating stage of the world's creation, though gradually most of these portals have been closed and the remaining ones are heavily guarded and very carefully hidden in the connected worlds.
  • Sacrificed Basic Skill For Awesome Training A ridiculously high amount soldiers (and even some officers) are illiterate. Karen Cheld is excused as she's actually dyslectic, though her dislike for the written word is hardly encouraging her troops to appreciate books. Yolanda decided that if she ignored all other schooling she'd be able to maximize her soldier training instead.
  • Science Cannot Comprehend Phlebotinum Technically more like "science isn't allowed to comprehend magic". The idea is that you think too hard about how magic works then you'll "loose the touch". Other magic users tend to be more allowing of both science and technology, but the Domdal residents reserve the right of upholding ancient superstition.
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  • World Of Action Girls