World 34 is the world where Traitor City is hidden. It doesn't have any native sentinent species above sea level (marine areas are unexplored but assumed to have dolphines). The world has it's own timeline, called Anno Proditio.


After The Angel War, the demon hunters were left with twelve contracted demons. It was soon decided that the demons would become a fixed part of the armed forces but a matter of logistics had to be solved. Demons are one of the strictly forbidden species in World 20, and it wouldn't be a realistic solution to keep all twelve demons out on missions at all times. The memory keeper Eileen was prominent in pushing for the suggestion to hire even more demon traitors and have them settled in the same world (albeit a different area) as the Kindu

In order to fill up the city, ISM initiated TEP, the Traitor Enrolment Program

During a Worldly dislocation this world was briefly connected to World 40

Traitor city locationEdit

Judging by the lack of snow and the general temperature-range I would vager that TC is located in a mild mediterranean area of world 34. That would make sense as it would be a practical climate when roughly half of the population prefers to sleep outdoors. However, you can't see any sea from the city. Otherwise, TC is completely cut off from the rest of the world and can only be accessed through insider information of it's whereabouts.

Known inhabitantsEdit